Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You Bitter End!!! Mark Fisher! Back to Recording See U Soon!

THANK YOU "The Bitter End"

We had a ROCKiN Soulful BLUESY Blast NIGHT FOR SURE! Thank you to my Musicians & Fans!
Click the Pics for the full set!

BACK to recording in the Studio For Me! Some of you have heard me live others memorex! I have a great group of songs ready for a fall release after testing em out LIVE! The response has been great and you will be the first to hear the new album! A few Surprise shows coming up and outdoor festival time!
______________________________Big Thanks 2 you guys are very very cool recording the best live music NYC has to offer! Stop by their music site & see whats happening! Click their logo above see what FREE MP3's Dan captured & said about MOI! XXO
Mark Fisher the historic NYC photographer outside of "The Bitter End" with yours truly just before I jumped on Stage! Good to see you Mark! Check out his amazing Blog CLICK HERE

"MISERY" featured on
Glad to see "Misery" is making the rounds as people rediscover the REMAKE! Thanks MusicGoat! We like Goats 2 XXO! Click their logo for the article!
"Never Gonna Get to Me" from our December Show in NYC! Fans wanted this one!

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