Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Is Ending? Happy Holidays! SHOW on JAN 18th 2013, Reviews +

Closing out this year on a mixed but melancholy mood. This time of year creates different emotions in everyone especially with the recent tragedy in Connecticut. It's a time of reflection and a chance to express our gratitude for all that we have. I am reminded of many of us who are not as fortunate. Holidays can be even more troubling knowing that special someone will not be joining your family. I am saddened thinking about the children that were lost recently to violence here in the USA. Many of you have given some time sending prayers and healing thoughts to the families in need. I ask you to extend these feelings to the numerous suffering people worldwide. May we be committed to the lives we lead with love and appreciation for the simple things.
Now on to Some GOOD NEWS!

The German online-magazine WASSER-PRAWDA has NOMINATED 
"messin with a fool"
Best Blues albums 2012 in the category
"Debut 2012". I 'm thrilled to be included! Click here and See Entry Below!

12 months later Reviews still coming in!
"messin with a fool"
"Eliza Neals might be known to some as “the Detroit Diva” but her music is L.A.-ready! Neals states: "L.A. is thirteen counties wrapped up into one city, not one part is the same. Sort of like my music, its sound and my voice... gritty-sweet-dangerous-n-curvy blues rock."

LIVE on JANUARY 18th at 2pm!
"Manhattan Neighborhood Network" on "Ginger New York" the go to Media gal for all things happening in the New York Music Scene! You can watch LIVE all the NEWS announcements and Show Happenings! Tune in via the internet at Channel 1!

If it's the "END OF THE WORLD" on FRIDAY
We would like to Thank You Now for supporting indie Music!
If it's not then we still would like to THANK YOU for a GREAT YEAR and HOPE TO SEE YOU IN 2013!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wasser-Prawda Magazine NOMINATION "Blues Album Debut 2012" for Eliza Neals "messin with a fool"

The German online-magazine WASSER-PRAWDA has NOMINATED "messin with a fool"
Best Blues albums 2012 in the category "Debut 2012". The voting is open until December 31st. Go Here to VOTE Thank You Fans! Thank you Wasser-Prawda we will tour Germany 2013! Vote on the Button Below!
I also received a great review from Wasser-Prawda in May 2012, you will need to translate but here is a portion:
Eliza Neals “The Detroit Diva” is the name: This Diva has claws and sharp teeth… Eliza Neals is really not the faint-hearted would-be pop chick, presented to us on the talent shows again and again. She is a rock singer with associated roots in blues and soul.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank You Fans! New Live Videos!

Click Photo Below for Live Video! 

THANK YOU NYC and The Bitter End! Thank you fans and friends for the fun good times.

The Blues Foundation song of the Year 2012 "The Lord is Waiting, the Devil is Too" by Johnny Sansone. We covered this song at our NYC Show! Click HERE 4 My Version! 


What a year! "messin with a fool" really has been a fun album to perform live. Here is friend, writer and awesome drummer Johnny 'Bee' Badenjek's song 
"Rather Go to Jail" 
Live Video!
Check out some of My COOL MUSIC PHOTOS!
Click above to read the latest.
Have A Safe Holiday and Be sure to give to those in need!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bitter End NOV 10th 7pm! Thank You Studio Tour 2012! +Blondie! Kenny Olson @ Iridium!

Experimental Covers of "messin with a fool" with a bit of Northern Soul! 
NOVEMBER 10th at 7pm SHARP
Hear the NEW BLUES at one of the most famous music venues in NY!
Join us for a true RocknBlues experience LIVE!
Pro-Arts Jersey City Studio Tour 2012
 Started off with a bang. Multiple performances both inside and outside with the full band and partial band. Thank you to my NY musicians Michael Gallante on Drums, Shane Visbal on Electric Guitar, Lizz Kristi on Backup Vocals, Sal Carolei on Harp and Jon Price on Bass! Thank you for sharing your musical talents with the visitors and being a part of such fun! Image Frank DeMarco/
We had 312 visitors on Saturday and 236 visitors on Sunday thank you to those that shared in on the party all weekend. Click Here and Here for Video!
Great Seeing BLONDIE live at the YOUTUBE Presents in NYC! 
Thank you Robert for getting tickets we had a mid-day party!
Iridium Jazz Cafe'

Kenny Olson the Notorious Guitar Star, 
Anton Fig Letterman's infamous drummer and 
The Spectacular 'Les Paul Trio' w/ Lou Pallo on guitar, 
Nicki Parrott on Bass and John Colianni on piano...
I was asked by my cool friend Kenny Olson the Nashville Based, Detroit Hometown Unreal Guitarist to a NY gig and of-course I said YES! Kenny and I shared the stage with a friend and musician AJ who was killed over music. Kenny told me "AJ was here with us tonight" and I felt him. We performed a few songs at Iridium, but Stevie's "Superstition" was the one we performed at AJ's memorial 'Lovefest.' Thank you Kenny, I look forward to gigging with you again soon. Click Here and Here and Here for More Great Video from that special night!
Kenny and I backstage...
Nicki Parrot, and Anton Fig and I after the show! 
“This album of “Stiletto Blues” first came out in January, but it keeps finding itself back in the news and for a very good reason… Neals good looks, husky sultry growl, and “Stiletto Blues” stage presence, as well as world class songs are the reason this one keeps finding new spots on the various blues, R&B and rock stations.”  

 “Neals was able to make this album a great reflection of her influences… Neals’ soulful voice rings out on the first track, “Misery.”… “Messin With A Fool” is a solid album and a great start for Eliza Neals.” Blues Rock Review October 2012

Ten Months after the release of "messin with a fool" were still getting great reviews thank you! We worked hard on the album so we appreciate the time taken to write! 
Click thru to all our "messin with a fool" reviews here 

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Shows! ProArts 2012 Oct 13-14 + The Bitter End Nov 10th and EtalentShowcase

Saturday Afternoon October 13 with a Stilleto Blues Rock set in the Courtyard of 150 Bay
 This free two-day public event of The Jersey City Artist Studio Tour features artists at 150 Bay Street. Come and meet local artists in person in their studios, see their work, buy select pieces and discuss the creative process. 
1pm w/ Full Band!
 If you miss a performance visit the studio spaces I have a multimedia exhibit with video photography and slides, drinks, cookies and more for visitors to the PRO ARTS TOUR 2012!

NOVEMBER 10th 7pm
Rounding out the "messin with a fool" tour and playing at the infamous Bitter End for my New York fans is always a thrill, but this time it's experimental covers! This is my last show in New York before Europe!
"Livin with Yo Mama" 
Music Video produced by E Talent Showcase is a
Funny Musical Comedy Short!
So Click here to see it!
Thank You We had such fun making this Music Video!
Big Kiss to ED, Jose Maysonet (my video boyfriend), Bobby Johnson (mama), Matt of InspiremePictures and the entire wild crew in Historic Hoboken, New Jersey!
"Forgotten Town" from 'No Frogs for Snakes"
Already being Compared to Adele and SKYFALL
I created this tune in 2008 ;) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank You ArtsBeatsEats + Detroit + SOIBF + PinkPump + Fox 2 and Fans

Summer Festivals 2012

Thank You Compuware, WXYZ Channel 7 and Greektown Hotel/Casino for supporting independent artists! Here are a few photos below click here for more
Campus Martius the Birth Place of Detroit! 
"Summer in the Park" was a Fun Show! Plenty of great musicians joined me on stage. Guests on guitar included Gary Indiana Shabot and new guitarist Michael Ryan! Plus smooth Danny D!
Here's friend and Motown engineer, writer and performer Mr. Robert Bateman joining me onstage for 'Money (that's what I want)' an All-Star day in Downtown Detroit!
Thank You ARTS BEATS EATS 2012! 
Thank you to my Detroit Fans and Musicians! 
Guest Detroit Guitar Legend Robert Gillespie (Daggers, Mitch Ryder),
Leonard Moon on Keys (Mitch Ryder), Chris Kaercher on Sax & Harp, 
Kenny Robinson on Trumpet, Mike Ryan on Electric Guitar,
 John Abraham on Bass and Roger Pietrantoni on Drums!
Thank You Arts Beats Eats we had a great time see you next year!
Pink Pump's P2 Exchange Store opening, such a success! 
What a runway, congrats to Tawny T. you go girl, your 8th store! 
South Orange International Blues Festival 2012 
 (SOIBF) was a beauty of a day! 
5000 plus people all day! We gave em the Detroit Stiletto Rock-n-Blues! 
Thank you my New York Musicians and New Fans! 
Rick Nossa on Electric Guitar, Jon Price on Bass, Michael Galante on Drums,
Sal Carolei on Harp, Lizz Kristi on Backup Vocals and Shane Visbal on Electric Guitar!
On Stage!
Such a pleasure to meet and hear Vernon Reid play "Hendrix" such a great show!
Hanging out with Motown Legend Barrett Strong Jr. in walks Kid Rock to say hello in Detroit... click here
Thank You FOX 2 News Detroit and FORD Arts Beats Eats 2012!
Live on the NEWS the Morning of the Show!
Thank you Michael Ryan on Acoustic Guitar!
Great Photo and Timing for all the Shows I had this past week! 
Big shout out to OnTheRocks!
On the Air at WPON with Dr.Doo-Wop and 'Benny and the Jets' in Detroit playing "ESP" and "Rainin in Detroit." A member of the "OJ's called in and said "I was in a lane all my own with no traffic, you represent the missing music of Detroit"
More Radio Click Here
 Have a Great Fall! What a Fabulous Summer!