Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Is Ending? Happy Holidays! SHOW on JAN 18th 2013, Reviews +

Closing out this year on a mixed but melancholy mood. This time of year creates different emotions in everyone especially with the recent tragedy in Connecticut. It's a time of reflection and a chance to express our gratitude for all that we have. I am reminded of many of us who are not as fortunate. Holidays can be even more troubling knowing that special someone will not be joining your family. I am saddened thinking about the children that were lost recently to violence here in the USA. Many of you have given some time sending prayers and healing thoughts to the families in need. I ask you to extend these feelings to the numerous suffering people worldwide. May we be committed to the lives we lead with love and appreciation for the simple things.
Now on to Some GOOD NEWS!

The German online-magazine WASSER-PRAWDA has NOMINATED 
"messin with a fool"
Best Blues albums 2012 in the category
"Debut 2012". I 'm thrilled to be included! Click here and See Entry Below!

12 months later Reviews still coming in!
"messin with a fool"
"Eliza Neals might be known to some as “the Detroit Diva” but her music is L.A.-ready! Neals states: "L.A. is thirteen counties wrapped up into one city, not one part is the same. Sort of like my music, its sound and my voice... gritty-sweet-dangerous-n-curvy blues rock."

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If it's the "END OF THE WORLD" on FRIDAY
We would like to Thank You Now for supporting indie Music!
If it's not then we still would like to THANK YOU for a GREAT YEAR and HOPE TO SEE YOU IN 2013!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wasser-Prawda Magazine NOMINATION "Blues Album Debut 2012" for Eliza Neals "messin with a fool"

The German online-magazine WASSER-PRAWDA has NOMINATED "messin with a fool"
Best Blues albums 2012 in the category "Debut 2012". The voting is open until December 31st. Go Here to VOTE Thank You Fans! Thank you Wasser-Prawda we will tour Germany 2013! Vote on the Button Below!
I also received a great review from Wasser-Prawda in May 2012, you will need to translate but here is a portion:
Eliza Neals “The Detroit Diva” is the name: This Diva has claws and sharp teeth… Eliza Neals is really not the faint-hearted would-be pop chick, presented to us on the talent shows again and again. She is a rock singer with associated roots in blues and soul.