Friday, June 22, 2007

DETROIT NEWS - Entertainment

Recently an article in the Detroit News "Bogsphere" by Diana McNary talks about musicians and the local music scene here in Detroit.......
"Musicianspotting, ticketselling, floorshaking
Musing on local music: some thoughts escaping from my pounding head and ringing ears
* It's nice to see mutual admiration among local musicians. Some of the scene is notorious for cutthroat rivalries among artists (I'm talking about you, tough-guy hip-hop) or hucksterism (those multi-band "showcases" where bands have to sell tickets to play - bleh - more on that later).
No, there's another bunch, the pros who have worked their way up and earned everyone's respect, who can count on their peers showing up and quietly lending their support at one of their many, many gigs. A recent visit to the Howling Diablos' new Sunday night residency at Dino's in Ferndale drew local musicians Jere Stormer, Eliza Neals and Benny from Benny and the Jets, among others. Last week, I spotted members of the Motor City Horns and Hot Club of Detroit milling around during a Brothers Groove set, along with a couple of ever-eager guys from Jam Samich who were making the rounds promoting their show this Friday at the Magic Bag. Yeah, sometimes they're there just because they love the music, and sometimes it's for networking. Regardless, it reminds us music fans that Detroit's not as apathetic as some would say." By
Diana McNary
Thank Diana we work hard to be unified and friends ROCK ON!!!

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